If you went to bed at at a reasonable hour on Tuesday, you missed the New Orleans Pelicans officially punching their ticket into the postseason after a 123-109 win at Sacramento, while simultaneously all but procuring the Los Angeles Lakers 2022 first round draft pick.

Needless to say, it was a good night for a team who began the season 3-16 and have been missing star Zion Williamson on the floor all season.

The primary goal for New Orleans now is to secure the 9 seed which allows them to host the San Antonio Spurs in the play-in tournament.

New Orleans needs to win a play-in "win or season ends" matchup with the Spurs for an opportunity to face the loser of a Minnesota Timberwolves versus L.A. Clippers matchup.

A pair of play-in victories would put New Orleans out of the play-in, and into the first round of the playoffs against the #1 seeded Phoenix Suns.

While the Pelicans continue trending upwards, the Los Angeles Lakers spiral down, much to the benefit of New Orleans.

I like those odds.

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