We learned yesterday (5/2) that Peter Mayhew, who brought the iconic Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies to life, died earlier this week.

If you're familiar with the Star Wars movies, or even if you're not, you're most likely aware how Chewbacca communicates. The guttural growl is almost as iconic as the character himself.

While in the movies you kind of have to use context clues to figure out what he's saying, the other characters seem to understand him perfectly. But the actors on the other hand don't speak Wookie like their counterparts.

So, while filming the movie, Peter Mayhew would speak English to give the other actors dialogue to respond to. This, of course, helps the audience to somewhat figure out what Chewie was saying.

A lot of times, though, you still aren't quite sure what he was saying. Well, now you can get an idea, at least of this one scene.

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