Even if it didn't include a ton of eclectic guest performers, Daft Punk's upcoming 'Random Access Memories' would be one of the spring's most hotly anticipated albums. That being said, it obviously doesn't hurt that the new record finds the duo working with stars like Pharrell Williams -- who recently treated an audience to his first-ever live performance of their collaboration, 'Get Lucky.'

Pharrell rolled out the new track during his set at the HTC One launch party on Friday (April 19), laughing that "This song just came out last night, and Brooklyn knows all the words." That may have been overstating things just a tad, but not by much -- you can see how enthusiastically the crowd greeted the performance in the video embedded above.

Unfortunately, Nile Rodgers was not there to jam with Pharrell (he's featured in the song as well). The new record, 'Random Access Memories' -- which also features appearances from Julian Casablancas, Panda Bear, DJ Falcon, Giorgio Moroder, and legendary songwriter Paul Williams -- isn't scheduled to arrive in U.S. stores until May 21, but lucky Australian fans will get it a full four days earlier, with U.K. shops stocking it on May 20. It represents Daft Punk's first full-length, non-soundtrack studio release since 2005's 'Human After All,' and finds them incorporating live instruments into their electronic sound to a far greater extent.

Perhaps no one was more excited for the group's return than Pharrell, who waxed rhapsodic during a teaser video in which he claimed to have told them he'd show up for the sessions just to play tambourine and adding that they "could just get back on the spaceship that brought them here and go, and leave us. But they're gracious, they're nice robots. They chose to stay."

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