I'm sure if you scroll through your social media feed you'll see plenty about politics, what crazy food is going to kill us next, and more negative things. Every once in awhile something pops up that shows that we're all just humans living together on a big ole rock, and should be caring for one another.

This woman took her nephew, Isaiah, to a high school football game. He spotted a woman, crawled into her lap, and began talking to her. She says they talked like they knew each other, as if they were old friends. After about 20 minutes, they parted ways and the woman left to go and meet up with her daughter.

At the next home game, Isaiah spotted the woman and did the same. He crawled into her lap, only this time he hugged up. She held him and rocked him as if he were her own. It was a sign of caring. Of the good in people. Of how we should all treat each other.

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