If you see this picture (purported to be the Houston airport) floating around on the interwebz, please don't share.

The caption with the pic claims that the airplanes are at the airport in Houston and that they were inundated flood waters from Harvey. The original picture appears to have been taken at LaGuardia near New York. That picture was then manipulated to add water.

Please remember to verify before sharing, we don't need to perpetuate falsehoods!

While we're talking about viral hoaxes, there are a few others that are circulating in the wake of Hurricane Harvey making landfall. For instance, this photo of Obama allegedly serving food to flood victims is actually from Thanksgiving 2015.

Here's an entire list of viral hoaxes related to Hurricane Harvey here to help you sift through what's real and what's fake. Dig even deeper into the Harvey hoaxes with this updated list from our friends over at Buzzfeed.

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