Ping Pong player Adam Bobrow has perfected an extremely tricky shot that he calls the "snake shot" that uses some visual manipulation and physics against his opponents.

Bobrow traveled around the world and played against everyone from local club players to current World top 10 players. He was able to put together a compilation video of him fooling all of these players with his snake shot.

Somehow, he makes it look easy, but if you've ever picked up a ping pong (or table tennis) paddle, you know it took him a long to to master this shot. There's even one shot in the video that shows Bobrow hit the ball and turn to talk to the audience because he knew it was going to get by his opponent.

Ping Pong isn't all that he does, though. Here's his bio from his Facebook page:

Adam Bobrow is an actor, voice actor, comedian, table tennis player and all around entertainer who loves to make people laugh and smile while traveling the world, making friends and learning about the world and the people in it.


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