Today on 97.3 The Dawg we've got New Orleans Saints football on the air! It's the kickoff of the 2019 season as the Saints host the Houston Texans.

Pregame starts at 4:00 pm with kick-off set for 6:10 pm.

Now, as far as the pregame goes, that's basically two hours of Bobby Hebert breaking down the big matchup. If you've ever listened to a Saints broadcast on the radio in the last few years, you know that Bobby can be a hoot to listen to.

His "Bobbyisms" also led to the invention of Bruce and I coming up with our Bobby Hebert Drinking Game. Feel free to add your favorites as this list evolves over time and we'd love to add to it.


  • "Yeah, but no Deuce" - used in response to a question by Deuce McAllister
  • "Crucial" or "Crooshal" - so many things are important in the game to Bobby
  • "Turnover Raysho" (Ratio) - yep, Mr. Hebert, we know we need to win this to be victorious in the game
  • "Take a look at" - didn't know we could do that through the radio
  • "Who Dat" - an easy one but this one will be flying out his mouth in the post-game if we win
  • "LSU" - any mentions of da Fightin' Tigers
  • Interrupts someone then says, "I don't mean to interrupt."


  • "Snot Bubble" - that's what gets blown when the defense hits an offensive player hard
  • Incomprehensible utterance - again, these usually come in the post-game of a win
  • Any player being "a beast" - usually designated for the dreadlocked players
  • Bend don't break - it's the kind of defense the Saints need to have
  • Falclowns - or any facsimile of that which makes fun of our hated rival
  • "Whatchoo Got?" - caller on the line, Bobby asks them this
  • The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league
  • "Your punter can't be your MVP" - Well duh Bobby. (Although our punter is awesome...especially when he doesn't punt.)

Feel free to share your own Bobbyism. We'll add to the list. But don't submit too many. We want to be able to at least halfway stand by kick-off!

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