A disturbing situation unfolded after police stopped a couple for a broken taillight after receiving a tip. Officers knew something was wrong when the driver rolled down the window of the car. As the driver rolled down the window, the stench of death became undeniable, leading to an immediate search of the vehicle.

Boulder City Police
Boulder City Police

What they found was beyond shocking: 51 guinea pigs and 11 rabbits, all lifeless, scattered throughout the car. The tragic reality of animal abuse unfolded further as authorities learned that the couple had even more animals at their residence and a nearby hotel.

When the occupants rolled down a window, officers could smell dead animals inside the car

51 guinea pigs and 11 rabbits were found dead in the couples car and they learned shortly after that they had more animals at their home and at a hotel.

Our officers knew right away that something was wrong, The female suspect was concerned about other animals that they said were at their home and a hotel in Las Vegas, and immediately notified Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

The 72 year old woman and a 79 year old man are now facing 11 counts of animal abuse after knowingly placing at least 11 animals "in poor condition". A heartbreaking discovery awaited at the hotel, where 30 dogs were found, 10 of them having succumbed to neglect. The search for suffering animals continued at the couple's residence, where they tragically discovered 15 more dogs and additional guinea pigs.

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Boulder City Officers booked both the male and female into the Henderson Detention Center according to myarklamiss.com


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