You've seen them on the back of SUVs, sedans and minivans, and now police are warning families about the dangers of family stick figure decals.

These decals seem harmless—and often represents parents, kids, and sometimes even the family pets. Some of the stick figure decals go as far as naming the children, their school, and what sports or activities they participate in. Police say this is how predators and thieves are easily tracking their next victims.

A search and rescue group on Facebook sent this photo out to warn about the dangers of these decals and stickers, and how a criminal might use them as a blueprint for their next crime—a crime that may hurt your family.

family stick figures warning

I spoke with Cpl. Paul Mouton from the Lafayette Police Department, and he said while police don't necessarily advocate against the decals, the least amount of public information made available about you and your family will result in the fewest amount of opportunities for anything to occur at the hands of any potential predators.

Listen to my full interview below.

While police and many other organizations warn against these decals, others believe they are harmless. For instance, author Jason Torchinsky at Jalopnik believes this warning is ridiculous and "all just fear-mongering."

Do you, or anyone in your family have these decals on your cars? If so, comment below with your thoughts.

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