According to law enforcement a car did crash into a Target store in Hammond.

Sources told WWL-TV that there were no injuries, and despite earlier reports from some Facebook posts, no one fired a gun.

The video from the Daily Star in Hammond appears to show someone apprehended on the ground next to a boat.

There have been different accounts of what might have happened at a mall area in Hammond at around lunchtime today.

Click here to see what The Daily Star in Hammond has posted on their Facebook page.

WBRZ is reporting that law enforcement sources are not specifying what exactly did happen, but there is a large law enforcement presence at a mall area in Hammond, called Hammond Square.

The newspaper, The Daily Star, reported on Facebook that there was an unfolding situation, but WBRZ reports that the situation is now contained, whatever it was.

One thing is for sure, eye witnesses reported to the tv station that there were throngs of people taking off from that area.

We will keep you updated.


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