Watch as a woman is arrested after not wearing a mask in the stands a middle school football game in Logan, Ohio.

You can see in the video below that the officer struggles with the woman, who is not wearing a mask, and even tases her while other fans and family look on.

Most of the fans in the stands seem to have their mask on, but the woman who was ultimately removed did not. According to the Superintendant of Schools, the woman was not in compliance with the Ohio High School Athletic Association's mask policy.

The officer who arrested the woman at the game was the school resource officer and was on duty at the time. He reportedly asked the woman to put a mask on and she did not, thus she was told that she would need to leave the stadium, which she did not on her own accord.

Many on social media are debating whether or not this woman should have been arrested. Feel free to comment in the comment section on the social media platform.

On a side note, the saddest part in all of this is watching kids witness this. I will warn you, some may find the language in the video below to be OFFENSIVE.


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