As evidenced by the public backlash against political pundit Megyn Kelly's seemingly downplayed the harmfulness of Blackface, the act of covering one's self with black paint in order to impersonate a Black person remains an extremely controversial one. Except for, apparently, in the case of Polish singer Bogumil "Boogie" Romanowski, who was met with applause when he performed Drake's Views track "Hotline Bling," during a performance on a Polish TV series this past weekend.

During his performance on the show, which is one that sees Polish celebrities impersonate well-known singers for a cash prize that gets forwarded to a charity of the participant's choosing, Romanowski belted his heart out as he delivered a live rendition of the Drizzy track.

Over the course of a few minutes, the Polish musician copies the choreography of Drizzy's infinitely meme-able video. Romanowski begins the song sitting on the stage before jumping around the stage and imitating some of Drizzy's "Hotline Bling" dance moves.

Surprisingly, the crowd and judges seemed to impressed by the performance. One judge was seen doing Drake's dance move where he holds up an imaginary phone and bops his head. Romanowski ultimately was awarded the $10,000 zloty prize money.

Take a look at the performance below.

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