Pool noodles are a nice addition to any pool owners repertoire of water-based toys. They're easy to carry, they don't sink, they don't spring leaks, and yes they are the perfect place for snakes to hide. 

You didn't see that last one coming about the snakes did you? Well, think about it. The basic design of the pool noodle is long and slender with a small hole cut all the way through the length of foam. This is like a brightly colored man made snake burrow that can be set up wherever you happen to leave your noodles.

Since most of us leave the noodles outside with the pool toys they're usually in a prime location for a snake to take up residence. As the temperatures get hotter there are more and more reports of pool owners discovering snakes chilling in their pool noodles.

One Arizona fire department even went so far as to issue a warning to pool owners about the dangers of snakes slipping out of the sun and into the shade via the friendly confines of a randomly placed pool noodle.

The noodles also make a wonderful place for young snakes to live and grow while maintaining some protection from their environment.  Emergency officials encourage you to use caution around your pool noodles especially if they have been left outside or in a storage facility where snakes could slither in and take up residence.

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