**UPDATE** - Popeyes only buffet in the world is in jeopardy:

Looking to eat an unlimited amount of Popeyes biscuits? Well, Lafayette, Louisiana is here to fulfill your wildest dreams.

Back in 2010, Popeyes posted that Lafayette, LA was one of only three locations with an all-you-can-eat buffet option.

After making a few phone calls today, we can say that to our knowledge Lafayette, Louisiana is home to the only Popeyes buffet in the world.

When we called the location in Panama City they informed us that they got rid of their buffet option about a year ago. Online, we noticed a positive review on the buffet around late 2015, but when we called them, an employee informed us that they no longer had the buffet but were "trying to get it back."

Located on the corner of Pinhook and South College, the Lafayette Popeyes location has seen a few modifications to their buffet—but for the most part, you can still pile your plate high with chicken, biscuits and plenty of your favorite sides while dining inside of the restaurant.

Paul Kieu, paulkieu.com

For around $10, the buffet comes with an optional drink and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. We spoke to store manager Betty Williams who told us that the location, owned by the Shelton Restaurant Group, has many customers who enjoy coming for the buffet.

I wasn't 100% sure, but I was almost certain there was a time where tacos, macaroni and spaghetti were once an option on the buffet line. When I asked Ms. Betty about it, she told me I was right; but those items were discontinued when Popeyes said they could only allow menu items on the buffet.

Clearly, those were the wild west of the Popeyes buffet days when it was pretty much a delicious free-for-all.

Paul Kieu, paulkieu.com

In addition to spicy and mild fried chicken, you can get biscuits, fries, red beans and rice, rice dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and more on the buffet line, but unless you have a MONSTER appetite and not much going on for the rest of the day, you may just want to get your normal order.

Paul Kieu, paulkieu.com

Either way, with the recent news that Restaurant Brands International (parent company of Burger King and Tim Horton's) is purchasing Popeyes, let's hope they leave the buffet on Pinhook as is.

It is (arguably) a borderline national culinary treasure.

Paul Kieu, paulkieu.com

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