Last year, Popeyes Chicken Sandwich mania was sweeping the nation. And now it looks like the New Orleans-born fried chicken chain is trying to catch lightning in a bottle one more time.

Popeyes has quietly rolled out chocolate-stuffed beignets in a few of its stores. Popeyes says it will eventually add this no-doubt-delightful treat to menus nationwide.

Of course, here in Louisiana, we all know what beignets are about. For the three people in the world that don't, beignets are a staple of New Orleans that are simple deep-fried pastry dough, covered in powdered sugar, and served warm.

But this spin that Popeyes is putting on their beignets is kicking it up the proverbial notch.

"As a brand from New Orleans, we are always looking to bring new dishes," a spokesperson for Popeyes said.

Right now, it's reported that these chocolate-stuffed beignets are on the menu at restaurants in and around Boston, Massachusetts of all places. The fried-to-order treats come in three, six, and 12-piece options for $1.99, $3.99, and $7.49, respectively.

While Popeyes says the new dessert will be available nationwide, we don't know yet if this will be temporary or permanent, nor do we know a time frame.

We guess everyone will just have to keep making sure the chicken sandwich stays amazing until this happens.


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