Southside High School is the newest high school in the Lafayette Public School System. Already school administrators and school board officials are expressing concerns about overcrowding. Last night the Lafayette Parish School Board met to discuss those concerns and the possibility of adding portable classrooms to the Southside campus.

You might recall last December the previous School Board had decided to spend USDA money on the portable buildings. However, a request to rescind that decision was made by a current member of the board and the issue was revisited.

Many members of the community and several members of the school board had expressed concerns about why such a new school was already needing additional space. Especially since a closer look into the student body at Southside revealed that overcrowding was not necessarily an issue at the moment.

Therefore the Lafayette Parish School Board voted 9-0 to postpone indefinitely the installation of portable buildings at Southside. Should there be a need to install portable buildings on the Southside campus over the next year or so funding for those buildings will still be available through August of 2021.

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