A water main break in the City of Scott has prompted officials to issue a boil advisory for certain parts of the city. The area affected by the boil advisory is along Rue de Belier within the city limits. The boil advisory is for those residents and businesses that operate along Rue de Belier.

One of those entities that is on Rue de Belier in Scott is Acadiana High School. Officials with Lafayette Parish Public Schools say that Acadiana High will have classes today. Plans are already in plans to provide safe drinking water for students, faculty, and staff.

In fact, bottled water will be served with meals today and students are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to school because of today's issue. Bathrooms and washroom facilities at the school are operational. However, parents should remind their students that water from faucets in those facilities should not be consumed until the boil advisory has been lifted.

Scott city officials say the water system will undergo tests today to verify the safety of the water supply. Once those tests have confirmed that all is well the boil advisory will be lifted. Until then we urge you to exercise caution for the next few hours until the process has been completed.

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