It's no secret that Post Malone loves him some Crocs.  You may also know that he is from North Texas.  That being said, I bet you still would have been surprised to stop at the Chicken Express restaurant in Southlake, Texas yesterday and walk away in  a brand new pair of the aforementioned Mr. Malone's signature Crocs.

According to CBSDFW, the award winning rapper/fashion icon/scribble pad used to work at the restaurant before his meteoric rise to stardom.  He reportedly took the job to "buy himself a pair of Versace shoes."  It's only fitting he chose this establishment to introduce the new Post Malone X Crocs.  

The shoes won't be available to buy until December 10th - but fans, employees, and patrons of the Chicken Express were treated to a free pair of shoes courtesy of Postie himself, and no doubt some delicious chicken.

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