As we all look back on 9/11/01 today, ten years later, we all have our own memories of that dreaded day in American History. With so many sights and sounds surrounding the day of 9/11/01 and the days that followed, you can't help but remember a certain few. For me personally, I will never forget when President Bush went to "ground zero" and addressed all of the rescue workers while standing on a pile of ruble. There is something about this speech that still brings chills to my body.

While there was no formal podium or prepared speech, no ties or suits, no teleprompters, this speech would be the foundation of what was to come in the day and age we still live in today. President Bush saying that those who knocked down the towers will soon hear from all of us would be the beginning of what was to come in the fight against terrorism.

I think when you look back at all of the president's  in American History, they all have that one line or speech that defines their legacy or term. While you may or may not agree with this, I think that it was here at "ground zero" in New York that defined "that moment" in former President Bush's legacy. There was no microphone or oval office here, all that was present for this moment were heroes, buildings on the ground, and the president of the free-world with a bullhorn in hand. Looking back at the many events surrounding the tragedy of 9/11/01, it was this moment for me that made me proud to be an American, and proud to have those responsible for this day face justice in the days/weeks/years ahead.