A Spirit of America Rally will be held on the steps of the State Capitol tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. to show support for President Donald Trump.

Similar rallies have taken place throughout the week, leading up to this event. Leader of Gator PAC Col. Rob Maness says Trump supporters will address what they hope will be a large gathering.

“Woody Jenkins, Mr. Bryan Thrasher will be speaking at that rally. Autry Pruitt, a national Trump campaign surrogate is coming down to speak.”

Tickets are not required to attend. Maness encourages everyone to wear their “Make America Great Again” attire.

“Folks coming out and showing a positive, patriotic, and upbeat message for supporting the President and supporting America.”

For more information visit teapartyoflouisiana.net. Maness says it’s time for the country, regardless of political party, to come together to support President Trump.

“These Spirit of America rallies are about, they’re not about left and right, they’re about unity.”

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