Or are drunk adults just giant kids?

After I've had a few too many drinks I'm pretty sure you couldn't tell the difference between me and a 5-year-old, except for the fact that I'm ten times bigger than a 5-year-old. Seriously, my voice get's all high sounding and I start speaking in some bizarre language that is definitely not proper English, I cry over things like pizza and adorable puppies, and I sing Disney songs at the top of my lungs. I'm pretty much a 5-year-old nightmare child stuck in a 27-year-old's body.

On the flip side of this whole "adults turn into children when they are drunk" thing is the "kids are actually tiny drunk adults" thing, which is way more adorable. And in this Vine you will see three children that perfectly capture the three types of drunk people you see out at a bar. You've got that drunk girl dancing around by herself -- that's totally me, by the way -- you always see the drunk dude sitting at the bar saying inappropriate things and getting way too into Bon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer", and you have the person that's passed out in the corner somewhere. These kids are those people, and it's awesome!

[via Channal2015]