Always keep your feet on solid ground when proposing to your love. This is why!

In case you haven't noticed, almost all proposals and weddings near or over water never end well. Someone or something goes into the water.

Watch as this guy asks his for his girl's hand in marriage with all his friends around. The only thing is they're on some kind of paddle-boat trip and he asked her in the middle of the water, Bad idea!

The video starts off looking towards the shore. There are a couple of people with signs saying 'Will You Marry Me.' Then the camera pans back at the couple. He drops to his knee and for some reason she swats his hand, and the ring goes into the water.

He then panics and jumps in after it.

WOW!!! Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions. The girl starts crying, and the video ends leaving you wanting to know if he found the ring or not! Ahhhhh!

Lets hope they update the video soon.


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