What's books should be in your local library? Should some books with expilict material be put in a section of the library reserved for people 18 and older?

If you live in Lafayette or around Lafayette, you have probably heard many times about the various controversies surrounding books at the Lafayette Library System.

You likely have learned of various very contentious meetings of the Lafayette Library Board. There was one meeting were someone who was disagreeing with the board, didn't follow their rules, and he was arrested.

In January, a mother who disagreed with one of the matters before the board, was asked to leave the meeting before her three minutes were up. Members of the Lafayette Board said she was out of order.

Fast forward to many of these same issues being discussed across the states with different library boards.

No doubt, this is a serious issue with people on both sides standing firm on what they believe is best.

Yesterday, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry held a press conference to let the public know about the "Protecting Innocence" report. You can find information about the contents of this report at AGJeffLandry.com.

The 54-page report has excerpts from several books that are mentioned books with sexual content and some include graphics. Landry also includes what he says a lawmaker could use as a guideline for a bill to make a law concerning who can access this type of material at the library.

He also includes a letter that can be used to express your sentiments about these books.

State Representative Heath Cloud has written a proposed piece of legislation to deal with the issue.

People who are on the opposite side of this issue have also been very vocal in their thoughts on labeling and limiting access to these books.

Louisiana Citizens Against Censorship also have a sample letter for people who would be opposed to State Senator Heather Cloud's proposed bill to change what kind of material someone under 18 could see.

Louisiana Citizens Against Censorship Spokesperson Lynette Mejia spoke with Louisiana Radio Network this week about this issue. She says members of their group are worried about censorship.

She says most libraries in our state already have a tiered system of who can and can't check out adult material. She says Landry is creating "a solution in search of a problem".

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