Disturbing videos of children allegedly being cruelly mistreated at a daycare in Eunice have surfaced, causing widespread concern and anger on social media. The videos, uploaded on Friday (Jul. 28) by Travis Matte, claim to expose the shocking mistreatment of young children at the facility.

What happens in the videos?

In one video, a young boy is seen seated in a chair, his body bound with clear tape. The context behind this distressing scene remains unknown, leaving viewers deeply disturbed and questioning the circumstances that led to such mistreatment.

The other heart-wrenching video captures an adult female holding a slice of cheese, which she then throws at a baby seated in a high chair. The cheese hits the baby in the face, and the individual laughs hysterically while turning back to the camera.

The infant is shown crying in tears with the cheese still clinging to its face, while the adults present continue to laugh at the distressing incident. Travis Matte, who posted the videos, expressed his hope for justice and conveyed his concern for the well-being of the children in the footage.

Where are these videos posted?

As mentioned, the videos are disturbing and can be viewed here via Matte's original Facebook post.

Facebook, Travis Matte

Facebook, Travis Matte[/caption]The videos quickly spread across social media, garnering over 2,000 shares and nearly 1,000 comments on the Facebook post. Outraged users on various platforms are demanding swift action from law enforcement, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and other relevant authorities to investigate these distressing incidents thoroughly.

Who are those responsible for this cruel behavior?

Many individuals have been named as potential suspects in the videos, but until official word is released by the authorities, it's essential to recognize that these are all speculative claims.

Commenters on social media expressed their thoughts on the incident, with some alleging that the videos were posted in retaliation by a former employee who was fired for stealing money from the daycare. Others voiced their disbelief that such mistreatment could have been ongoing for some time.

KLFY News 10 conducted an investigation and confirmed that the videos were from Pumpkin Patch, a business located in Eunice.

What are next steps and can these alleged abusers be charged?

Eunice Police Chief Kyle LeBouef acknowledged the distressing nature of the videos and reported that the department is actively investigating the Pumpkin Patch Daycare to determine if charges can be brought against the adults shown in the footage, some of whom appear callous while the children are in tears.

LeBouef stated, "Right away, you're looking at child neglect or child abuse. Certainly, within those statutes, but that's to be determined later."

The police received additional videos and calls from concerned parents, adding to the gravity of the situation. News 10 visited the daycare for a comment, but no one was available on-site, leaving uncertainty regarding the daycare's current status.

Authorities are committed to thoroughly examining the videos to ascertain when the alleged mistreatment occurred, regardless of how old the footage might be, to pursue any potential criminal charges.

I also spoke with childcare professionals who called the footage heartbreaking and said that they would be shocked if DCFS isn't there swiftly to investigate. When and if the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services conducts an investigation their findings will be made public along with all of their other write-ups of this nature.

As the investigation progresses, updates will be provided as more information becomes available, and if any official charges are brought against those involved in this distressing incident. The community demands justice for the young victims and seeks to ensure the safety and well-being of all children in daycare facilities.

See the full report from KLFY News 10 here.

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