Oh you thought you loved all things pumpkin spice? You haven't seen true pumpkin spice love until you've stared into the toasted auburn strands of someone's pumpkin spice hair.

Senior stylist at the Drawing Room NYC, Michelle DaCunha, describes the tasty looking hue as a "subdued copper" that is "soft and gentle", but what she failed to mention is that is is absolutely gorgeous! And the best part? It's achievable for any hair color. Michelle tells Mashable that brunettes can get their pumpkin spice hair on with "a few delicate pieces of balayage and a gloss", and depending on the blonde, the look "can be achieved with a few pieces and/or a gloss on existing highlights."

If you're thinking of taking the pumpkin spice plunge this fall you can check out more stunning photo's of girls trying out the trend on Instagram. Because, come on, if you have pumpkin spice hair and you're not posting about it on Instagram does it even count? #pumpkinspicehair

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