The 2018 Grammy Awards nominations were revealed today (Nov. 28) and missing from the Album of the Year and hip-hop categories is A Tribe Called Quest's final album, We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service.

Following the reveal of the nominations, Q-Tip hopped on Twitter and Instagram and shared his frustration with the Grammys snubbing the group's 2016 project. The rapper began his slam against the Grammys on Twitter, writing, "Fuck da grammys!!!"

"This fucking album that we just put out—this last Tribe album—it stands with everybody else's shit that's up there. I don't give a fuck!" he says. "Respect to everyone who's nominated and all that but whatever, I'm speaking for mine."

The rapper then goes on to accuse the Grammys of using the group for a performance at 2017 Grammy Awards but not showing them love this year. "I'm sick of ya fucking Grammy niggas, man," he shared. "Fucking get us to get out there and perform last year to close your shit and ya don't give us no fucking nominations. 9th [Wonder], what happened?... We don't get shit? For that album! For that album! I'm tired of fucking bitin' my tongue all the fuckin' time and trying to be nice and shit... Yes, I'm hot! Get off my lawn!"

The Tribe member ended his series of videos with one more shot at the Grammys, saying, "The last fucking Tribe album and ya niggas don't give us no fucking nominations? Ya didn't even give Bob Marley the fucking Grammy. Marvin [Gaye] only got fucking one. Jimi [Hendrix] ain't got none and shit... Ya niggas is corny... Fuck ya Grammy niggas. Fuck ya!"

Check out Q-Tip's videos below.

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