Back in 1996, Quad City DJs teamed up with the 69 Boyz and K-Nock to drop one of the most awesome Christmas songs of all time. 'What You Want For Christmas' was an instant hit and still spins in rotation during the holiday season to this day, but do you remember that time they performed it on the Jerry Springer show?

Yeah, me neither ... until today.

You see, I was searching to see if there was ever a music video shot for this song since we recently put it into our system for the holidays, and the only thing that looked remotely close to a music video was actually a TV recording of the group performing the song on one of the best 90's television shows ever.

Everyone remembers Jerry Springer, right? The show played super late, and didn't exactly have the highest standards when it came to the topics and content it aired, but it damn sure was entertaining!

Apparently, there was also an episode where Quad City Djs and 69 Boyz (spoiler alert: they are both the same group) performing 'What You Want For Christmas' with K-Nock. I was an avid watcher of Springer before bed, so I either missed this episode, or fell asleep.

Who knew that Jerry Springer was such an avid fan of Miami Bass?

Either way, enjoy the clip and Merry Christmas!

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