Did R. Kelly and Aaliyah have a daughter that has been kept a secret for decades?

According to one woman on TikTok, she has been keeping the deep secret for years but is now ready for the world to know that she is allegedly the biological daughter of R. Kelly and Aaliyah.

In a video posted to her official TikTok account, @iamlagenagold admits that her given name is "Love" and she is the biological daughter of the late Aaliyah Haughton and Robert Kelly. She claimed that it was time to tell her truth—not only for her but for her alleged mother, Aaliyah.

She went on to say keeping the secret was hard due to family members and the (music) "industry," but didn't go into any actual details. She also claimed that she was "shipped around" as a child due to the controversial relationship between R. Kelly and Aaliyah that has been well-documented over the years.

She refused to call R. Kelly her "dad," claiming that he abandoned her when his "trial happened" but still acknowledges him as her biological father.

Obviously, there were reactions; and for the first time ever on TikTok, I actually saw more comments than likes—and the reactions were definitely mixed.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 12.06.41 PM

There were many who didn't see it and others who had jokes.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 12.06.32 PM

Speaking of jokes, there were plenty of those to go around.

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The only place people were seeing any resemblance to Aaliyah in the video was in the artwork on the wall behind the woman who claimed to be her daughter.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 12.07.05 PM

There was someone who said that he remembered her, but it is (highly) likely that he was trolling her or looking for a response—which he did receive as the woman asked if he knew her cousins.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 12.07.21 PM

Lagena posted more videos in response to the speculation, including a video where she gave a "lil singing & lecture" to her followers, covering Aaliyah's "Four-Page Letter."

She also posted another video highlighting her family—more importantly, her "family eyes."

The condition of my eyes is known as Heterochromia it is a "One In A Million" condition that cause your eyes to be different colors. Mine is Sectoral Heterochromia. My mom is a clever woman. And she made sure to leave me clues through her career. And only things that I would know. Thank you mommy!!!

She playfully called her eye condition a "One in a Million" condition. Speaking of that song title, she also noted that her alleged mother, Aaliyah, left her clues like that throughout her career.

As her claims continue to go viral, Lagena has been posting a flurry of videos and content in an attempt to support her claims.

You can keep up with her page by clicking through any of the TikTok videos we shared, but it's going to be tough for her to prove that R. Kelly and Aaliyah are her parents unless she brings Maury into the mix.

For anyone wondering, I would totally tune in if that ever happened; but whatever Lagena is looking for, I truly hope she finds it.

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