Finally, a place where you can relieve stress by destroying things that don't belong to you.

Does your boss drive you up the wall? Is your bae getting on your last nerve? Is life in general making you question your sanity?

Rage Room in Toronto promises to be the place that will help you get rid of all the stress and anger that may be weighing you down. Take the stress and unload in an oddly refreshing fit of destruction.

There is even an option for couples to suit up and wreck an assortment of breakable items as a unit.

Literally—you can rage out at the Rage Room, who describes themselves as "cost-effective anger management."

Aristotle believed in the concept of catharsis. Freud also believed that letting out negative feelings reduced aggression. Aggressive sports such as kickboxing are known to relieve stress and leave participants more in control of their emotions and anger. No matter your background or walk of life, everybody is susceptible to anger, and the Rage Room is a great way to manage that anger.

Of course you have to be 18, and closed toe shoes are highly recommended, lol. Prices vary depending on the package of destruction you choose. You can even get a video of your rage session by bringing a thumb drive with at least 1GB of free space.

Would you pay to go to a Rage Room if one opened up in town?

[via Rage Room]