Louisiana Ragin' Cajun football lost a game on Saturday for the first time in over a year.

Their nation long winning streak was snapped in a 33-21 loss to the Rice Owls, as UL's offense struggled to move the ball.

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In addition to the offensive issues the Cajuns were penalized 11 times for 85 yards, including an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of Jourdan Quibodeaux in the 4th quarter when he swung at Rice offensive lineman Braedon Nutter.

As it turns out, Quibodeaux was penalized for retaliating after Nutter discreetly grabbed him inappropriately.

Louisiana head coach Michael Desormeaux spoke about the penalties after the game.

"We pride ourselves on being disciplined. We talk about it all the time, it takes a bigger man to walk away from things sometimes than retaliate," he said. "But these are young men and you can only take so much. It’s not OK. We’ve got to continue to do the right thing and have more discipline than that."

Not only was Nutter provoking the Cajuns with dirty play, but Ragin' Cajun linebacker Kris Moncrief alleged on social media that Nutter directed several racist comments at him.

Trash talking to an opponent to try and throw them off their game mentally is a part of sports, but there are lines that should never be crossed.

Racist comments are completely unacceptable, and if an official hears any kind of bigoted language from a player, that player should be both penalized and ejected.

If a fan in the stands was heard screaming the same kind of comments Moncrief says he received from Nutter, that fan would be ejected and banned from the stadium.

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