Sources closely connected with the family of Eric 'Vicious' Johnson confirm the rapper has passed away.

According to our sources, not many people knew that Johnson was ill outside of close family members, but Stage 4 Cancer is what ultimately took his life. Johnson was incarcerated at the time of his passing earlier this morning (Feb 19), and according to friends of the rapper, his family had been trying for months to seek treatment in an effort to possibly shrink or control his cancer but were unsuccessful.

Confirmed details are dismal at this time but numerous social media posts are beginning to pop up offering condolences to the local rapper. Prominent local DJ Dolby D worked with Vicious throughout his career since meeting him at an Opelousas radio station in the early 90s.

Dolby D offered up condolences on his official Facebook page and many fans of Vicious were both shocked and upset to see the news of his sudden passing.

Vicious released numerous albums since his debut in 1994, consistently cranking out underground hits along with successful radio singles like 'I Ball Like Kobe,' 'Bottom Of The Boot' and 'Meet Me At The Circle K' and landing a record deal with UGK Records out of Port Arther, TX.

Back in 2015, Johnson was sentenced to 16 years in prison on a very unusual conviction that held him responsible for the 2012 shooting death of Ray Ryan, even though he wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. A story from The Advocate details the controversy surrounding the "inciting a riot with a death" charge that landed Johnson in prison.

Around the time of his conviction, Vicious spoke with our sister station 107 JAMZ in Lake Charles. He maintained his innocence saying he felt as if he was wrongfully accused.  You can listen to Vicious in his own words here.

Johnson lost an appeal for inciting a riot in 2016 and was incarcerated at the Allen Parish Correctional Center until his death in the early morning hours of February 19, 2019.

Johnson was 51.

Story developing...

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