Snakes are normally found in grassy areas in the country, but one Uptown New Orleans resident was startled to find one on his porch.

When Gregory Agid's buddy pointed out the snake hanging from the potted plant on his porch he didn't even think it was real. When he motioned to hit the head of the reptile he assumed to be fake and it moved, his demeanor changed in an instant.

As if a snake on his porch wasn't bad enough, WWL is reporting that his calls to animal control, the SPCA and Wildlife and Fisheries went unanswered for 24 hours—but luckily, help was on the way.

Trappers John Schmidt and Suzy "RN" Howard from St. Charles Parish and specialize in capturing exotic animals of all types. They answered Agid's call and even though they weren't prepared with the right tools, they searched for the reptile using the flashlights on their phones.

The trappers said that even though most of their snake calls are of the exotic variety, but rat snakes like the one in his tree are actually common in New Orleans and are actually good to have around.

The snakes go into the rat nest and get the baby rats and they eat them. Rat snakes are good to have, which is exactly why that rat snake lives under my house right now

While that may be true, I think I'll take my chances without the snake living under my house.

[via WWL]