A rather famous rock and roll band once posed the question " Who Are You"? After the 9/11 attacks on America the federal government echoed that sentiment.

The thought processes after the attacks in September of 2011 brought to mind the need for a valid form of national identification. Thus was the beginning of the REAL ID Act.

In Louisiana most of us believe our state issued driver's license is all the ID we need to board a plane, a cruise ship, or a rocket ship to Mars. In the coming years your Louisiana driver's license will effectively become that. It isn't now but based on legislation signed by Governor Edwards yesterday it will be.

By 2020, every air traveler will need identification that complies with the REAL ID standards in order to get on an airplane.

This compliant form of ID will also be needed to enter a Federal Courthouse or military base. Certainly there are some that don't want this kind of intrusion into their private lives. It's a form of "big brother" watching over the people if you will. Still Governor Edwards told the Louisiana Radio Network,

Those individuals in Louisiana who still have an objection to REAL ID need not get a REAL ID compliant card if they don’t want to. That will be their option.

Those without a REAL ID will need to be able to produce birth certificates, passports,and or social security cards when they board an airplane.

It seems to me that since all of that information is on file with the government already, why not make it easy on yourself and just get the REAL ID? That's my take on the subject. Your take might be totally opposite and with good reason. I would certainly love to hear your thoughts on whether this is the government going too far or if this is just a better way to safe guard our citizens and provide valid identification for Louisiana citizens.

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