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We all Remember the Titans correct? An incredibly true story based on a football program that begins as a racially segregated unit that become a full fledged team.

One of the more memorable characters from the movie offensive lineman Louie Lastik played by actor Ethan Suplee. Lastik was a fun loving big man who got along with both the white and the black players from the beginning.

You may also remember him from his roles as Randy Hickey in My Name Is Earl and Frankie Stechino in Boy Meets World.

The way that you always think of Suplee is as a large person who was overweight most of his life who at his heaviest was over 500lbs but since then has made an incredible physical transformation. In addition, he's began a new podcast called The American Glutton Podcast

"Actor Ethan Suplee was an aspiring plus size model long before it became trendy and now sets out to examine our current obesity crisis. On American Glutton, he’ll talk to everyone from experts to the average Joe, exploring all the diets he has been on over the last two decades, taking us on his journey from obese to svelte and back again, examining what worked and what made him gain everything back plus 50 pounds. Sharing his ever-lasting search for the next quick fix, we’ll delve into the joys of suffering, relativism, dogged determination, and the proper way to braise a pork belly."

Here's what he looks like now:

Absolutely incredible the way he's been able to transform himself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Be sure to check out the podcast as well for health tips, stories, great conversation and much more. Always Remember The Titans.


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