From frostbite on his feet, to a helmet hold out, to missing all of training camp, to complaining about fines on social media, and now to a confrontation with his general manager Mike Mayock, Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown will reportedly be suspended by the team.

How long will the team suspend him? Nothing has been reported yet, but Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network suggests the team could potentially recuperate $30 million owed to Brown.

If Mayock decided to suspend him and eventually part ways, he could do so without hurting his team's salary cap.

Brown was traded from Pittsburgh to Oakland for a third and fifth-round pick. He had 3 years, $39 million remaining on his contract, but the Raiders negotiated a new deal that is set to pay him $50.13 million over the next 3 seasons, with $30.13 million in guaranteed money, unless he violates the terms of the deal.

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