We're hearing reports of an alligator seen hanging around Moncus Park lake. It didn't take long for a reptile to make its way to a new water source in town.

This user says he saw the gator at the park, and it seemed to be a young gator because the water critter was estimated to be only three and a half feet long.

Alligators are wild animals, and we Louisianians get so used to seeing them around various water sources.

Moncus Park just opened a state-of-the-art playground for the kids and is continuing to add on features around the park with heavy foot traffic, so as always just be aware of your surroundings while around water.

Some comments on the original post say that there were two alligators spotted in the area. There is a coulee behind the park that is perfect for alligators to hang out, and gators were seen there before the park was opened.

Where there is heat and water, there will be alligators and snakes (according to another commenter on the original post, a water mocassin was also spotted near the lake last week).

Be careful out there, and as always, call the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries if you see such an animal and never approach it.

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