When you look at an image like that, how can you not want to eat a big ol’ can of Pringles? Or perhaps multiple cans, with flavors all stacked together?

This image of delicious potato chips/a hellish nightmare of technology run amok is brought to you by  who star in Pringles’ Super Bowl ad this year. The ad has premiered a few days early online, and we bring it to you now, in all its amusement/terror:

The description of the YouTube video helpfully reads: “This is not an ad. [ad]” So now we all know.

Between this Pringles monstrosity and the Bryan Cranston Mountain Dew ad where he recreates The Shining, we’re very close to the big trend in Super Bowl advertising for 2020 being just shoving weird-ass crazy disturbing s— in the audience’s faces. How that’s supposed to make you want to eat or drink something I honestly don’t know. But they have the best minds in the advertising business working on these spots, so they clearly know something I don’t. You can watch the rest of the Super Bowl ads during the big game this Sunday.

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