While their relationship is arguably 'Nobody's Business,' Rihanna and Chris Brown have no issues using it to market themselves. Aside from the endless stream of racy Instagram shots and not-so-subtle Twitter posts they share, the tempestuous twosome are now collaborating on yet another new single together.

After Brown and Rihanna were both spotted leaving a West Hollywood recording studio, tongues began wagging as to what exactly was going on in there. A secret hookup? A special project? Knowing these two, the former probably happened, but the latter definitely did -- and Breezy's rep confirmed it to E! News.

The pair left separately, but a new track is definitely happening.

The new song will be the fifth collaboration between the duo, who spark controversy constantly because of Brown's 2009 pre-Grammy assault on the Bajan beauty. Aside from 'Nobody's Business' (which was surprisingly the brainchild of RiRi's mentor, Jay-Z), the pair collaborated on remixes of Rihanna's 'Birthday Cake' and 'Umbrella' and on a remix of Breezy's 'Turn Up the Music.'

Details about the new song are scant, but you can bet they'll turn up on social media soon -- just like the pair's cover art for Rihanna's 'Stay' did. Maybe it was a hint of what's to come!

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