Rihanna hit Greystone Manor in West Hollywood on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 5) and almost had a run in with her ex, Chris Brown. Are these two magnetic, even while apart, or what?

RiRi was mobbed by photogs when she left the scene, with paparazzi flashbulbs going off in her face. She was accompanied by her security detail and was dressed down in street style, sporting blond shaggy locks with heavy bangs, a black leather Chanel cap, a see-through black body suit and dark-rinse, destroyed knee skinny jeans. It was reminiscent of Brit attire and we liked seeing her in that fashion.

RiRi could stop traffic with those blood-red lips, too. Her hands were jammed into her jean pockets, but from what we could tell, there was no evidence of her supposed ‘Thug Life’ knuckle tattoo. Maybe it was just a stencil? Or maybe she’s hiding it well? For our part, we couldn’t see it.

There was also no evidence RiRi and Breezy encountered one another directly at the club. There have been many stories of rekindled romance, which proved untrue and were met with protest from each of their camps. The fact that the duo ended up at the same club, out of hundreds of possible options, might stoke those “Are they or aren’t they?” fires that rage no matter how many denials take place.

Brown is said to have made a clean exit from the venue, so they may have narrowly missed on another.

Watch Footage of Rihanna Leaving a Club on Super Bowl Sunday

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