Fergie and her booty got the ultimate compliment on the 2012 Grammy red carpet from none other than Rihanna. Fergie, clad in black lingerie and a skintight orange lace dress leaving little to the imagination, earned major props from the ‘We Found Love’ singer. What exactly did Rihanna say?While Fergie was in an on-camera interview, RiRi interjected. “I was staring at you from the back, I thought that was you,” Rihanna told Ferg. “You look like a black girl from the back!” Cheeky, RiRi!

Fergie was flustered and flattered. “I’m trying!” she cried. “I’m trying!” When the television host asked Fergie if that was a compliment, the erstwhile Black Eyed Peas singer assured, “Yes! That’s a huge compliment, a huge compliment.” Looks like all that time she spends up in the gym workin’ on her fitness is paying off.

Fergie’s derriere wasn’t the only thing Rihanna complimented. She also loved her tangerine gown. In response to Fergie’s earnest messages of trying to keep her behind in shape, Rihanna laughed, “You better try giving me that dress!” It’s such a fun, cute moment that really endears RiRi — who has a reputation as an ice queen — to audiences.

Watch Rihanna Compliment Fergie’s Butt

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