Law enforcement officials in Jefferson Davis Parish got a Christmas present yesterday. Well, it was wrapped up like a Christmas present. Contained in the festively wrapped package was almost a pound of marijuana.

You might be wondering how law enforcement officials were able to spot a holiday present containing pot at Interstate speeds. As usual, the bad guys gave them a tip. In this case, his actions on the roadway actually alerted authorities to his vehicle.

A motorist driving along I-10 encounters the suspect vehicle driven by 29-year-old Michael Banks of Houston. There must have been an incident between the motorist and suspect because the motorist phone police saying that a man had just pointed a weapon at him.

The driver of the other vehicle was able to give a description of the weapon. That pretty much led deputies to believe that he did actually point the weapon or show him the weapon.

JDSO Chief Deputy Christopher Ivey told the  Louisiana Radio Network that officers responded and engaged the suspect vehicle. When they did, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana. At that time a K-9 unit was brought in to investigate. That's when the "present" was discovered.

We’ve labeled him as our dumbest dope dealer of the month.

Banks will be celebrating his new title in the Jeff Davis lock up awaiting trial on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of Marijuana with intent. Congratulations sir! Your parents must be so proud.

By the way, if you encounter a driver who is driving erratically or dangerously you can use your mobile phone to contact law enforcement by dialing *LSP, (* 577). Your call will be routed to the nearest State Police dispatch office. Officers request that you be able to give details on your exact location, a description of the vehicle in question, and the action you observed to warrant the call. If you can get a license plate number safely that is a big help as well.


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