Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is the true definition of 'long hair don't care.' He was denied huge paying head coaching jobs because of his long hair. This is all according to Fox sports news. Coach Rob Ryan will have to cut his hair in order to be a head coach in the NFL.

Is it selfish for me to say that I'm glad he decided to keep his hair? If it wasn't for Rob Ryan, would the New Orleans Saints defense have gone from the worst in the league to one of the best?

I say, thank you NFL for being so stuck up and rate people off their appearance instead of there knowledge of the game and work ethic. All they want is a CEO type to be head coach of the NFL. Someone that dresses the part. In my opinion that's not real football.

The executives of the NFL told  ESPN's Chris Mortensen

"If  Rob Ryan wants to be head coach, he has to cut that hair!"


Hmmmmm, why does that sound familiar? Because, it's right out of a Beastie Boys song, you remember right? (You gotta) Fight for your right to parrrrrrrrty! Fast forward to the 2:40 mark, and replace home with NFL. LOL!!

To sum it up, we think Rob Ryan is the perfect fit for the New Orleans Saints. We love his hair, and hope he never ever cuts it. What would Superman be without his cape?

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If you want to see what Rob Ryan would look like as a short haired coach. Look no further than his twin brother Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets.

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