Would you ride this roller coaster?

The first of it kind, it's called the GRAVITY MAX. It is the only roller coaster whose track actually separates, then tilts straight down, then reconnects before dropping you facing the ground.

Here is how it works according to rcdb:

After the train reaches the end of the horizontal tilt segment, a hook grabs the rear car of the train.  This holds the train in place during the tilting.  As a safety precaution, a large block of steel at the front of the tilt segment prevents the train from rolling off the end should the hook fail.  After the tilted track segment is vertical and in line with the vertical drop, the block is pulled away and the hook is released.

I'll sum all that up in two words...FREAKING SCARY!

The coaster is in Taiwan at a park called Lihpao Land. It's also known as the Tilt Coaster, it's one of the few coasters to feature a 90-degree drop, although that's not the steepest in the world, as quite a few have gone beyond the 90-degree angle.

Would you ride it?