Ok, maybe this really isn't THE Ron Swanson, but when I saw the commercial it was convincing enough for me to get off the couch, rewind my DVR, and take multiple pictures on my iPhone to share with my friends. What's even freakier is that this commercial came on while I was watching 'Parks & Recreation,' the NBC comedic television series that features the Ron Swanson character played by actor Nick Offerman.

Let me take it a step further into the Twilight Zone and point out that Parker Wood Works, the local Acadiana business that featured the Ron Swanson look-a-like, specializes in restoring furniture, which is such a Ron Swansonesque thing to do. As a matter of fact, if I EVER need furniture restored, I'm going to Parker Wood Works, and you should too.

Somehow, I will meet this man. One day.


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