Its seems like all of the pieces to this puzzle called "X-Factor" are coming together. As we anxiously await the debut of Simon Cowell's show "X-Factor," we are learning more and more about who may be part of his show. It has been confirmed that music producer LA Reid will be one of the judges once the show debuts, and all but confirmed that Paula Abdul and Pop Singer Cheryl Cole will join Reid on the panel. We also know that Mariah Carey will have something to do with the show, but today we can add more speculation into "X-Factor." Word out is that Pussycat Doll Lead-Singer, Nicole Scherzinger, may be the host of the show. To this point, it is unclear if she will host the show solo, or have a co-host with her on stage. Whatever the case may be, its quite obvious that Simon Cowell is loading-up this show with some with musical talents, and that he is going in with a force.In a recent interview, Cowell did admit to being a little nervous as he launches this project.

X-Factor USA will debut this Fall on FOX.