I saw it over the weekend, just a little article about McConaughey running for governor in Texas. This morning, I sat down and started researching as to where this rumor had come from. Nothing has been made official of the movie star and Texas advocate actually running, but there are quite a few reasons to believe he very well could make a run for it.

It is no secret McConaughey is all about Texas. During recent months, he has been doing lots for the state, including personally delivering 25,000 surgical masks to UMC in El Paso, he has stood next to Governor Greg Abbot speaking about staying home during the Texas quarantine, and he has even gone on various platforms speaking about parenting, life lessons, and words of wisdom during these past few months.

It seems like a solid rumor with lots to back it up. Nothing is official, of course, but he has two years to figure out if he is going to throw his hat in the ring for the Texas governor election in 2022. I supposed his campaign slogan could be Make Texas All right, All right, All right. 

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