At an event for his Why Not For You? Foundation last night (July 26), NFL star Russell Wilson opened up about what it's like being a step-son to his wife, Ciara's, two-year-old son, Baby Future. He also talked about how much Ciara has meant to him since she came into his life.

"[Ciara] has been an inspiration since day one, and her little one, too, just watching him," Wilson said. "You know, it's interesting. I was saying to somebody the other day—this is a little bit personal, but I think it's important—but, you know, I was saying to somebody the other day that being a stepfather is one of the most loving things you can do. You know, you really, really learn how to love, love. Because especially when it's not yours, you know, you realize that every kid matters in the is world."

Wilson went on to say that's come to a fuller realization about how much each child matters, and how much Ciara and her son have impacted his life.

"Every child matters," he said. This is one of the only times Wilson spoke about Ciara's son in real life. "Every heart matters. And that's why we're here, honestly, just for situations like that. That's what I think about. When I see her little son every time I'm around her and when I'm not around her, I always think about them too, so they're an inspiration."

Wilson's words seemed heartfelt, even though his relationship with Ciara, her son, and Ciara's ex and father to her child, rapper Future, has been tumultuous to say the least. Ciara still has a defamation lawsuit pending against Future, and doesn't appear to have any intentions on dropping it any time soon.  The ongoing drama has all been the fodder for much internet gossip and speculation, most of it unfounded and honestly, inappropriate. As Complex points out, the extreme level of interest in Ciara, Wilson and Future's lives was recently explored in an insightful article published in The Undefeated.

Here's hoping Wilson's words don't get blown out of proportion. Check out his speech below.



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