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The social media site Parler was taken down by multiple app stores and servers earlier this month after the domestic terrorist attack on the United States Capitol Building. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon took down access or hosting for Parler after those companies said the social media's lack of control violated their Terms of Service agreements.

Since those decisions were made, Parler has been trying to find a way back from being deplatformed. Which is where Russia comes in.

The company Russian company DDoS-Guard has come to an agreement with Parler to return some of their services. The tech company is owned by two Russian men, and hosts other potentially extremist sites like neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer, as well as sites for the Russian Government.

US News and World Report points to potential security risks for Americans with a foreign adversary hosting a site that uses personal and location data:

"Parler critics said it was a potential security risk for it to depend on a Russian company, as well as an odd choice for a site popular with self-described patriots."

However even if Parler is to return through DDoS-Guard, it will not be able to immediately return to its mobile platforms. Google and Apple would both have to restore the app in order for it to reappear in mobile app stores. The platform would also not be able to update mobile apps for those who have retained their old apps on their phones.


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