Ryan Lochte is arguably one of the most desirable male Olympians when it comes to the ladies, and if you are indeed a female, the news I'm about to tell you may disappoint you - or make you very happy. In an interview with TODAY in London, Ryan's mother, Ike Lochte, revealed something about her son that should have probably remained private.

When it comes to why they choose to remain single, most guys resort to the typical guy answer lame excuse classy reasoning that they simply "aren't currently able to give their all to a relationship." In this particular case, Ryan Lochte wasn't the one dropping the douchey excuse - it was his Mom!

Lochte already displays hints of a 'bad boy' image by wearing his custom made grill, designed by none other than Paul Wall - but the latest comments from his moms all but confirms his 'bad boy' status. For some reason, Ike Lochte wanted the world to know that when it comes to dating,

Ryan "only goes out on one-night stands."

This is either a huge letdown for women who admire Lochte - or great news, depending on what type of girl you ask of course, lol. Let's just hope he always remembers to put his "swim cap" on.

Does Ryan Lochte's promiscuous lifestyle ruin your perception of him, or does it make him even hotter?