The injury sustained by Damar Hamlin has the sports community worldwide re-evaluating the health and safety standards of football as well as other sports.

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In response, the Saints and Pels have stepped forward and done something about it, making a bold statement which will hopefully encourage other pro teams to do the same.

The donation of AEDs to over 65 facilities in the area is sure to make all of those locations safer places for people to play and enjoy sports.

While severe cardiac injuries aren't extremely common at any level of sport, the availability of life-saving devices like AEDs is sure to have a positive effect and will save lives.

A key point that further deepens the efficacy of this gift is the training sessions the recreational departments will provide to the staff of those facilities, meaning someone trained with these devices will also be on hand to help out far before emergency services ever arrives.

The idea has been well-received on social media, even picking up traction with national reporters like Ian Rapoport.

Gayle Benson continues to be one of the best owners in either the NFL or NBA, and the teams' investment in their city is one of a number of reasons Louisiana fans are so high on their home teams.

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